I will be out of the country tomorrow for a friend’s wedding. This is my first trip out of the US where I will have to deal with the language barrier. XD I have that nervous/excitement thing happening right now.

Before I head out, I wish to leave you all with a bit of Hunter Humor. This was a conversation I had with my friend’s husband who plays a Hunter in one of the top guilds on my server. My only regret is that I wasn’t able to get all of the conversation.


My internet decided to crap out on me and what was missed, B declared shenanigans on me and calls me a liar. Which I repliy, “You are correct. I am a liar. There are 6 ranks of Black Arrow.”

Have a great week everyone and I’ll see you next Tuesday!!

PS: Yes, Kiba was unspecced and I still need to be petted.