freyaAnd she dances on the sand…

For a boss who seems so Eco-friendly, why does she have so much trash to clear? I guess you can call it ironic. In any case, we failed to defeat her on Sunday’s Raid. On the plus side, we did get a grasp of the trash and how it works.  What prevented us from reaching phase two was bad coordination. Sometimes a healer would fall or it was a tank and sometimes DPS would get blown up. Just when things began to click and everyone could feel that the next attempt would do it, Freya’s trash respawns. Curse you Freya!!! At least we got 3 badges off the tree trash.

The decision to swap out my Hawk glyph for Kill Shot glyph was a wise choise. It worked great on Hodir and with all that garbage running around in Freya’s room proved to be huge. Whether it’s worth keeping is still my debate. I’ll keep it around a little while longer but a Guildie suggested Aimed/Chimera/Serpent Sting. I used to run with that Glyph trio and liked very much. I’m searching for a reason NOT to use that combination.