thorimThis past Thursday I tried out a new Marks spec of 7/57/7 for our Ulduar raid. I also swapped two of my glyphs for Steady Shot and Hawk.

We faced 6 bosses and I averaged about 4136 dps just on the kill fights alone. The guild’s WWS reports showed me at 3rd overall damage but looking closely at the stats from the kill fights, I ranked about 7th on damage per fight. I can say that I’m satisfied with my damage but I know I can do better. Perhaps on Sunday’s raid I may swap out Hawk/Steady for Chimera/Kill Shot and see how that works out.

Since the last patch and the boost to Marks, we’ve had two of our normal SV Hunters dabble in the Marks tree. This is great news for me. If we had a second Marks Hunter on our raid I know they would be running with Trueshot Aura and 3/3 Imp Hunter’s Mark. Since TSA doesn’t stack and there’s no point to have more than 1 Hunter throwing up Imp Hunter’s Mark means I can run with this alternate 7/57/7 spec. A little more DPS, a little less buffing.

The raid itself started off horribly. Our first attempt on Ignis went down in flames – no pun intended. Either I pulled too early or it was group of us that DPSed too early. Regardless, charred earth where the DPS stood was not good. A few attempts later another Hunter from the raid pulled Ignis off the Main Tank while in viper, with a serpent sting after 2 misdirects. While it surprised him, this is the same Hunter who manages to top every boss fight and over all damage in every raid. I don’t know what he’s doing right (SV spec) or if it’s the extra boost Agi/AP he has from JC/Enchanting, but a guildie commented he did over 5k DPS on one of the boss fights and demanded Blizzard nerf hunters.

Fourth try and down goes Ignis. We head over to the Iron Council which took us 2 attempts to clear through them. After that we decided to try our skill with Thorim again. With our focus hats tightly on we defeated him for the guild’s second time. The entire raid was on an excitement high and we wanted to challenge ourselves by attempting a Razorscale Achievement, A Quick Shave – we pulled it off flawlessly.  I can’t wait to try Freya on Sunday!