For anyone who may have raided Ulduar last night, I bet you encountered the Server Restart that fubared the entire dungeon up. If not, let me explained what happened.

Last night <Armored Justice> progressed through Ulduar as normal. We begin our fight with Kologarn when mid-way through someone over Vent says, “Oh great, Server Restart in 15 minutes.”  Our GM kept us focused on the task at hand and with 13 minutes left we downed Kologarn, passed out loot- while I had enough time to hearth, enchant my new boots and logout. The reason for the restart was to fix a bug that some classes had with talents. For example, our Kitty Druid pointed out that one of his attacks sapped all his energy.

We reconvened 5 minutes after the hour and picked up where we left off. We down Auriaya, clear the trash to Hodir, begin our first fight – wipe. Take 2 – wipe. GM has us readjust our focus hats, we go in for the third attempt on Hodir and freeze! No one is moving. Our Warlock was in perma Healthstone summon, while me and the other hunter were stuck running in place.

But…General Chat worked fine!!

Everyone amused themselves in General Chat or Raid Chat and after a long five minuets, the server caught up with itself. Some people manage to, somehow, aggro bosses and mobs which caused most of us to run around like chickens with our heads cut off.   Eventually we rezzed our dead, I placed a Fish Feast down, new buffs went out and…FREEZE!! Once again, we were all stuck.

We waited for another five minutes only to realize this wasn’t the night to raid so the GM called it. With everyone trapped in limbo, it became alt time or find something else to do. I stayed up until midnight farming herbs with Foxx only to check Wulf and find that she’s stuck at the load screen for Ulduar. I figure a good night’s rest will be good and I’ll be off on my way tomorrow morning.

Not so! Wulf is still trapped at the load screen.  While I kick and scream that I can’t do my dailies it’s comforting to know she’s in good company with the other 24 members of <Armored Justice> –  and Kiba is there too.