There was some exciting news released today that made me jump for joy. New Druid Cat and Bear forms!! That’s right, Blizzard teased us with talk of  Dire Bear/Dire Cat forms a little over a year ago and they’re finally going through with it. The plan is to release the new skins with the next major content patch which could be months off or closer than we think.

Currently, Blizzard plans to allow the change of your Bear/Cat forms through the Barber Shop by changing your Druid’s hair or fur color which is a pretty neat idea. I can’t wait till this goes live and I hope there will future plans for updated Boomkin and Tree Forms. Below is a sample of the Tauren Bear forms.


We are told to keep our eyes open for the Night Elf Bear form later this week and I look forward to the new kitty artwork.

Edit: The Night Elf Bear Forms have been unveiled. While I’m not too keen on the furry mutton chops, I dig the new look. However, I think the Tauren Bears look better. Horde Druids 1 – Alliance Druids – 0.


Keep them eyeballs peeled for the new Druid Kitty art to be released next week!!