help2I have this addon called CombatCaller. This addon is so old that it came from my first UI, Cosmos that I haven’t used since I began WoW. Combat Caller has jumped from computer to computer simply because I enjoyed the emotes it did. It would vocalize and emote when I was out of mana, needed a heal or my pet needed a heal. This was more of a reminder to myself since it’s so simple for me to become caught up in the moment and ignore everything else that’s going on.

Last night I became the butt of everyone’s joke during our raid. Because I had become so used to this addon, I didn’t realize how annoying it was to everyone else. It was brought to my attention over Ventrilo when someone commented, “Wulf is telling us that Kiba needs a heal. It’s not a raid without that.”  After that the jokes came flying.  Pandas even took it upon himself to personally emote when Kiba needed heals while the the other healers would chime in “Hold on Wulf, the heal’s coming” or “Damn it.. heal Kiba!!”  I have to admit, it was pretty funny and I even added my own smart-a$$ remarks like, “well so-and-so wouldn’t have died if he had my addon.”

After the raid I disabled Combat Caller for everyone’s sanity. Even though it was at my expense, it’s little things like this which can make a raid memorable.

Kiba, looks like you’re on your own.