murkimus23.1.2 was released yesterday. Among all the goodies what was I most excited about? Who is small and blue and has two thumbs?

This guy!! –>

After months of waiting, my Armored Murloc finally arrived. Isn’t he cute? I just love him, he defiantly worked his way to my favorite non-combat pet. Sorry Pengu.

This mini-patch also delivered something that was promised to us at the release of 3.2, Equipment Manager. It’s a  not a great big deal for Wulf, but it does allow switching from PvP to PvE to Fishing Gear a little easier. Of course Foxx loves it since she’ll always have to lug around armor for Cat Spec, Tree Spec and Off-Tank Bear spec. With the use of the Equipment Manager, life is a lot simpler with the push of a button. And yes, I know there were old Addons that did the exact same thing but the less Addons my game has to load, the happier I am.

Also, Hunter’s received a little love from this patch via weapons:


I don’t know about you, but I understand this to say “Sorry Hunters, we didn’t foresee you as the yo-yo damage class. We still have no idea what is too high or too low. Right now we think you’re still low in DPS so here’s a bone right now and we may give you all another buff. Then we’ll realize it’s too much DPS and nerf you again. Thanks for playing WoW.”

Either way, I’m glad they ARE addressing Hunter DPS rather than tell us to “learn to play, nothing is wrong with Hunter DPS.” I’ll sit and patiently wait for Aspect of the Machine Gun.

Since it was Tuesday <Armored Justice> began their new week of boss ownage in Ulduar. This was a welcome relief after Sunday Evening’s raid attempt on Thorim. The GM pulled an audible and decided we would give this guy a try. If you have yet to encounter Thorim the mechanics are simple. Split your raid into 2 groups, one group stays on top in the arena fighting mobs, while group 2 goes down below into a 2 mini-boss gauntlet.  What makes this boss so difficult is the balancing act of who stays in the arena and who runs the gauntlet.  Shift and move and move and shift who we can, we didn’t find that perfect, zen group balance to down Thorim.

So Tuesday we had our small snafus of people not paying attention (myself included) but for the most part I think the raid went fairly well. We were able to take down 4 bosses, Flame Leviathan on Hard, XT-002, Kologarn and the crazy cat lady, Auriaya. The loot gnomes must have heard our Hunter pleas for loot or it could have been the luck of the Murloc.  Not only to drop Gloves of the Fiery Behemoth, but we had two, yes two, ranged weapons drop: Giant’s Bane and Siren’s Cry. I was so excited to see the bow drop. I missed using one and I was more than happy to spend whatever DKP on it to get it. Which I did. ❤ All-in-all, Tuesday was a good day.