I realize my posts this week were very much non-existent. It happens once in a while.

My last raid was a week ago Sunday when <Armored Justice> took down Hodir and had our first attempt on Freya. She’s a mean little girl. Needless to say were were unsuccessful in our first attempt and we will try her again tonight. As for my DPS, it’s been much better. It may be no were near the 3500-4000 DPS (at least yet) the Survival Hunters are pushing, but I’m still one of the top 5 damage dealers on the raid. Thanks again guys and gals for your tips and suggestions. ❤

Since I have bad luck with trinkets, I decided to pick up Darkmoon Card: Death. I have to say I’m fairly pleased with it so far. According to our WWS it procced 65 times (21 of those were landed crits) and did an average damage of 2100 damage. The highest crit damage was 4096. Not bad in my book, considering the trinket that normally would be equipped is either Incisor Fragment or Sphere of Red Dragon’s Blood. And since I’m not a fan of ignore armor and I have enough +hit, Darkmoon Card: Death wins. Until I find something better.

Another thing I’ve done this past week was level my Druid, Foxx. So far I’ve discovered 2 things:

1.) I’m a pretty decent healer – not as bad as I thought.

2.) I suck at kitty DPS – not as good as I thought.

Pandas gave me a lot of tips about playing Resto and I’ve discovered that I kinda enjoy it. At first my “healing” gear set wasn’t so great, but I’ve had the chance to run some dungeons and gather some nice leather/cloth gear. It was enough to bring my +healing up to 800 and my Mana over 10k finally.  When I’m not Tree, I’m cat and my DPS is low-low-low. Foxx always had pretty decent Feral gear but I know my rotations are off, I’m not sure which buttons I need to push (there’s so many) and I’m just way overwhelmed. @,@

Other than that, Foxx is about 2/3 away from 77! Yay for flight form.

A few other things which have consumed my life this week have been my artwork, the increase of my work-out days and hanging out with some friends. Who knew the roller derby could be so intense!!