hodirThis week our Ulduar raids went fairly well. Tuesday night, we set a new guild record with the most bosses cleared in a single night – 5. The goal was more, but we ran into a few issues on  Razorscale and Ignis. However we did successfully clear Flame Leviathan on a hard mode that earned us the achievement, Heroic: Orbital Bombardment. We are still far from “farm” mode, but each week shows more and more improvement.

At Tuesday’s raid, my DPS meters had me at 7th in damage – but I wasn’t terribly concerned since I was the Hunter who ran Aspect of the Wild on a few of our fights. Though I did not attend on Thursday, I was happy learn that Phaelia’s Vestments dropped for one of our Resto Druids. I’m sure she would be proud.

Sunday will be <Armored Justice>’s second raid attempt on Hodir. I’m really excited for that fight because it looks so fun. I’ll have to swap some of my normal gear out for some Frost Resistant Gear (we are asked to have a minimum of 200) which will lower my damage again. The nice thing is the entire raid will have to do the same. While it may take us a little longer to kill Hodir, I’m sure it will make healing a lot friendlier.

The easiest way to find Frost Resistance gear as a Hunter is to visit your friendly, neighborhood Leatherworker. They can craft 3 pieces of gear: Icy Scale Boots, Icy Scale Belt and Icy Scale Chesguard. This will net you 287 Frost Resist and an extra 427 Stamina. Though they have a fair amount of sockets, keep in mind that if your Frost gear is replacing any raid gear that has +hit you may want to gem that priority first. In my opinoin, get the stats you need. The gem bonus from the set won’t make or break you.

Other than that, the next important thing you should do is read up on the fight. I usually visit WoWiki before every new boss encounter. They map out the fights pretty well along with the bosses’ attacks and what your role will be as a Tank/DPS/Healer.  Simple enough, but we do have people that just refuse to do so. If reading is not your thing, there are plenty of videos that illustrate the mechanics of the fight. My personal favorite site for boss videos is Tankspot.com. They have a wide collection of narrated fights which you can stream or download. Though most of their videos are tank related, reading up on the strat will help you to understand what is to happen, while the video helps with the visual understanding.