Much to my surprise I was invited to raid last night. I really must thank you all who helped me figure out my DPS  issues. It helped tremendously!! ❤


I changed my Marks spec a tad by unspeccing all 3 talent points from Improved Hunter’s Mark and going 2/2 in Rapid Fire 3/3 Improved Arcane Shot and throwing that last point into Silent Shot. I also feel that focusing more on my shot priority helped out just as much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Hopefully my DPS will be better from this point on.

Now to shift gears, as strange as it may be – my guild has picked up another Hunter for raiding, which puts us at 6 now! That’s two brand new Hunters in less than a week!! Why the sudden influx of Hunters? You have me there. I’m a bit curious myself but too chicken to ask any of the officers. >.<