I’m a Marksman Hunter. I crit big, provide Trueshot Aura to my party/raid and I chose to put 3/3 Improved Hunter’s Mark for my fellow hunters. But why is my DPS on the low side?

Last night in Ulduar my low DPS was brought to my attention. Whether it was just an odd, situational thing (I was still learning the Razorscale fight) or it’s really that low. I plan to pay more attention to our WWS reports and see what’s is happening with my damage, but I still feel I’m in a pickle.

The easiest solution is to switch to Survival, however I do know that our tanks and melee DPS really enjoy that 10% Attack Power boost. I also suppose that I could go for 2 raid specs and bounce between a Survival Spec and a Marksman spec, but on fights, such as Razorscale, that have an enrage timer –  is it better to bulk up my own DPS or share the love with my fellow raiders?

I’m wondering if any of you Marksmen Hunters have had a similar situation?