After a week of fishing, hard work finally pays off. My strategy was simple. In order to prevent burn out, I only fished for 1 hour each day. Except today was a little different. There is a theory going around with the fishing daily quest, The Ghostfish, and catching the Turtle Mount. It theorized if this daily in your quest log you may have a higher percentage rate to catch the Turtle if you fished from a certain area in Borean Tundra. I gave it a whirl today and after 100 casts all I had were some Mysterious Crates, Crystallized Water and a ton of fish. Whether there was a bug at one point and it was hotfixed it we’ll never know. What I can tell you is not to waste your time thinking this is the fastest way to fish up the Turtle.

Since I didn’t raid on Wednesday and all my dailies where done, I began my evening fishing trip at Moa’kai Harbor in Dragonblight and followed the coast westward. It wasn’t until I was in Borean Tundra near the Riplash Strand when I pulled reeled him in from a school of Borean Man O War. /dance

To all you other Fishers and Mount Collectors out there don’t give up. Remember each cast you don’t get the turtle only means you are 1 cast closer to your Turtle. Good luck and happy fishing!!