ulduarimageUlduar! <Armored Justice> was back for another week of raids. On Tuesday we opened up with a flawless one shot of Flame Leviathan. I was at the wheel again in my Demolisher and this time my co-pilot was Pandas. ❤  We did great and he didn’t vomit from my driving.

Second fight of the evening was XT-002 Deconstructor. It was a little different from what I remembered. Blizzard reduced his overall health and they unlinked the trash mobs on the right and left of the encounter. It took us a few wipes on trash before we had the kill order down, but practice makes perfect -right? Next was the big guy (I just love his voice)  and this time we had a new strat.

Our raid was split into 2 groups, one on his left the other on his right. As a Hunter, my job was to help the AoE with the Scrapbots with the use my Frost Traps to slow them down. It’s very important that the Scrapbots do not reach XT-002 because once they get into range of the boss, he’ll absorb them and heal himself. It sounds simple enough but there’s a catch. The Scrapbots only spawn when XT-002 releases his heart on the ground. While his heart is exposed any damage done to the heart is inflicted double onto the boss. So what is a Hunter to do when they have to trap adds and unload the DPS at the same time? Cheat a little. ^_~

The first thing I did was change my health bars to display percentages instead of hit points. At 75/50/25% is when XT-002 will lower his heart, so at 77/52/27% I would “cheat” backwards to my scrap pile and place my trap. That way I was 100% focused when it was time to unleash the fury on the heart.

As for trap placement, it can be a little hard to judge exactly where they need to be. Plus the Scrapbots will spawn and spread as they make their way towards XT-002. The good thing is they don’t move super fast and you can adjust accordingly to lay another trap down.


In the above image, I illustrated the approximate path the Scrapbots will take to get to XT-002. Of course a lot of their pathing depends on where the tank has the boss positioned. For Frost Trap placement, you don’t want to drop it too close to the junk pile since there is a chance they could miss the trap, which happened to me once. The blue area is the ideal place to lay down your traps, plus it allows for enough space that, if needed, you can lay another trap down if you time everything right.

Though it took us the entire raid night, it was worth it. We all got 2 Achievements from the XT-002 encounter and I even received my first piece of Ulduar loot, Twisted Visage.