Like most hunters I’ve cycled through a plethora of pets. From Owls to Scorpids, Devilsaurs and Spiders – I’ve tamed them all. Pike over at Aspect of the Hare wrote a post in which she shares a little background about the pets she currently owns. It inspired me to write a similar post based on my pets.

kibaKiba: From level 1 I always wanted to have a Wolf pet, but I wouldn’t settle for just any Wolf. I had my sites set on Ashenvale’s  rare spawn, Mist Howler. I camped for days checking all his spawn points and I remember the day I found and tamed him like it happened yesterday. At the time Mist Howler was known for his pursuit speed, but he also proved to be quite the challenge at my low level of 22 because he had a fear ability. Too bad he didn’t keep that spell. Kiba is the oldest of all my pets and together we’ve faced many adventures – and we look forward to many more.

I named him after Inuzuka Kiba from Naruto but I a lot of people ask if he was named after Kiba from Wolf’s Rain. The word Kiba also means fang in Japanese. So which ever way you look at it, the name fits him perfectly.

sawyerSawyer: I will never claim to be a cat fan. I didn’t like the tigers mostly for that jowl noise they make when they shake their heads. When I finally broke down and decided that I may need a cat, my choice was the male Lion. For the longest time Houston was my kitty DPS of choice, but when Blizzard introduced Pitch in Sholazar – the Black Lion lost its luster for me. So I decided to go for the White Lion as a replacement. What I love about Saywer the most are his blue eyes. They’re gorgeous!!

Sawyer was named after one of my favorite characters from Lost. The resemblance between the two is uncanny!!

loqueLoque: Short for Loque’nahak. ^_^  Yes I tamed him!! Way back when Lich was only a month old, I spent an entire night in Sholazar Basin, flying circuts and spamming my /target Loque macro. I can’t explain the rush I felt when I finally found him. Perhaps it was the 2 Mountain Dews I drank earlier in the evening, but my hands, body, EVERYTHING trembled with excitement. He’s a very pretty kitty but to be honest, I would prefer a Wolf Spirit Beast – ahem. With Dual Specs I’m able to play with Loque again but he mostly enjoys chillin’ in my stables where he can be a lazy kitty.

ramp1Rampage: Go-Rill-AHHH. I was never a fan of them until the pre-Wrath update to pets. I spent at least 5 hours waiting for this rare Gorilla to spawn in the caves of “Ungodly Crater.”  He’s great if you want to AoE farm or have a pet who can take a pounding, because of Thunderstomp. However, after 3.1 all Tenacity pets can train Thunderstomp and he could be replaced by my white bear, Klondike. But for now, if Pandas and I need a tank for mount farming, Rampage is our man…er..Monkey.

Rampage was actually named after the UFC wrestler, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson but if you’re an old school gamer, you may remember the game Rampage where you could play as a huge, building smashing, fist punching, bomb eating Gorilla.

As mentioned my fifth stable slot is currently filled by my new polar bear, Klondike. He’s only level 78 and I won’t know if he’ll be a perminate pet until he reaches 80 and I run him through a Heroic Dungeon or two. If he does say, more than likely Rampage will be the one to be returned to the wild. I’ll still have an extra stable slot open and even I don’t know what my fifth pet will be at this time. Maybe a PvP pet? I hear crabs are nice.