Hopefully everyone is enjoying all the fun and goodies from 3.1 – despite the dungeon lockups and crashes. When the servers finally opened, I ran to the Hunter trainer in Ironforge to pick up my Call Stabled Pet ability and picked up my dual spec option. Shortly after, I met up with Pandas for a quick run in Heroic: Magister’s and finally he dropped my Phoenix pet!! That put me at my 75 pets achievement with a new baby fawn as my reward.

I’m also finding the new Argent Tournament quests and dailies to be a lot of fun. I only wish there was more since I’m diggin’ the story of it all. Though I’m still working on the feel for it, the jousting quests are my favorite.

Tonight is our guild’s first Ulduar run too. Anxiously I’m waiting to see which players will be invited and hopefully I’m one of them. If I don’t go, there’s still a ton of stuff for me to do like hitting Gnomer for a new pet schematic, fishing for a giant turtle or farming feathers for my Timbermaw friends.