We Hunters have a lot of options for the Dual Spec Talents that are available to us with Patch 3.1. I gave a lot of thought to my Dual Spec – probably a little too much – and it left me torn. At first I felt the PvE/PvP spec was a no brainer, however the more I talked with others about their dual specs my simple decision became a little more complicated.

Originally my plan was to return back to Beastmaster for PvE for my First Talent Spec, but after playing Marks for over a month I found that I really enjoy it. Not to mention the guild enjoys the increase in Attack Power from my Trueshot Aura. On the flips side, If I decide to go Beastmaster my pet and I would supply the guild with the buff from Ferocious Inspiration.

What also appeals to me about BM is the solo capability. I could finally farm Magister’s Terrace for my pet and probably solo-clear the rest of the BC instances for Achievements. Not to mention Pandas and I have plans of mount farming in Heroic: Sethek Halls. I’m sure that Marks would be just as possible but having a buffed up BM pet for a tank/off tank is very appealing.

As for my Second Spec I felt it would be a nice Marks PvP spec. At first, I planned for strong Survival PvP build, but after the changes made to SV, I feel that Marks will be the new PvP spec of choice. Reason being:

Serpent Sting will no longer trigger Explosive Shot, which means that SV Hunters will use Black Arrow for the proc now. Black Arrow shares the same cooldown as traps (right now) and in PvP traps are very handy. TNT also allowed the Survival Hunter’s PvP dominance pre-3.1 with it’s chance to stun on Serpent Sting or Explosive Shot, but now TNT only increases damage from Explosive Shot, Immolation Trap, Black Arrow and Explosive Trap.

The stuns have moved into the Marks Tree. 2/2 Concussive Barrage will give your Chimera Shot and Multi-Shot a 100% chance to stun your target for 4 seconds. Keep in mind that both shots are on different cooldowns too. I was able to created a Marks PvP build which also allows for Scatter Sho without giving up any of the goodies from Marks. And don’t forget about Readiness which can give you back-to-back stuns, silences and traps.

But I haven’t PvPed as much as I used to, mostly due to my laziness to respec for Raids and PvP. Which is why I’m not sure if I want to have two PvE specs (Marks/BM) or stick with my PvP/PvE spec idea. I open the forum to you all now. What Dual Specs are you thinking of as a Hunter?