For the past 2 weeks I’ve had horrible connection problems, but last night was my first raid run that I finished without one disconnect. Yay! Even my fellow Guildies cheered in my personal achievement. Pre-raid, I turned everything outside of WoW off and bumped all my game settings down to low. I can’t say if that helped or not, but it’s a start.

Last night also marked a Guild first: a full, one-night clear of Naxx. Unfortunately no trinkets dropped that I wanted/needed nor did KT give up Journey’s End /cry. However I did manage to grab The Undeath Carrier from the “Master of Dance.” It’s a slight upgrade to what I have now, but if I do decide to go back to Beastmaster after 3.1 it will be the perfect upgrade. My pets will love the extra stamina boost.

I’m also hoping that 3.1 does NOT come next week – yes, I probably jinxed this now.  My resons are a little selfish but I will be out of town for the next few days and my guild is pushing for another Sarth 3D victory on Thursday.  Which means if 3.1 does come out on 4/14 that will mark the end of our Naxx raids and perhaps the Maly/Sarth content.  Unless it’s released the following week. I understand the importance of focusing our goals in Ulduar, but I wouldn’t mind having the Twilight Vanquisher title … if I can get it.