ambassOver the weekend I finished an Achievement that I never saw happening in my WoW experience, Ambassador of the Alliance. Even though I don’t mind questing, I had no motivation to visit old quest hubs in Vanilla WoW to grind faction or spending tons of gold for runecloth rep turn ins. So what changed my mind?  Very simple; paying visits to the Elders during the Lunar Festival. Each Elder I met gave + 75 Rep to every alliance faction. Eventually all those visits gave me enough rep  to place me at Revered. Since I am in a bit of a lul before 3.1 is released I asked myself, “how hard could it be to finish out the last of the 21,000 rep?”

I spoke with my good friend Raliean who recently finished her Ambassador grind. She told me the starting zones for each class is the best way to earn rep. Not that I doubted her, but it was much faster than I expected. The only faction that I wanted to drop kick into another galaxy was the Gnomeregan Exiles. I had to search high and low to find Gnomes who were sprinkled throughout the world who would only give one, maybe two quests. Thank goodness for Google. I learned the best spots to grind out Gnome Faction is:

  1. The starting zone in Coldridge Valley and the surrounding spots in Dun Morogh
  2. The collection of Gnomes in the Tintertown Area of Ironforge
  3. Darkshore Inn. There’s a Gnome upstairs who gives some annoying fishing quests and the infamous “Buzzbox” quests.
  4. Stonetalon Mountains look for Gaxim Rustfizzle

Some farming suggestions were made for Alterac Valley and to simply turn in the objects looted from players and NPCs. However on my server, AV is nothing but a farm fest for the Horde. If more than fifteen Alliance queue up for an AV, that’s considered a good day.

I also did some Runecloth turn ins but I wouldn’t recommend this method unless you plan on farming your own runecloth (which you would still be better doing quests) or you don’t mind spending the cash on the Auction House. Each runecloth turn in grants +75 rep while most quests will grant you +250 rep. You do the math 🙂

What’s next for me? Perhaps The Diplomat? Or maybe The Seeker?