And I’m sorry to say I don’t have any details because I wasn’t there. T_T

My computer connection decided to act up again and I opted to bow out of the raid so not to hold the other 24 people back. I will admit, I’m glad to see that after many weeks of hard work, finally, a successful 3D OS.  Way to go <Armored Justice>!!!

As for my connection woes, this has been going on for over a week and I’m tired of it. I constantly DC while in raids and it doesn’t matter if I switch my settings to low or play with no addons – I still DC. My computer is only a year old and the drivers, defrag, system scans, etc are all to date and I tried the switch from a PC to a Mac and, though the DCs were less frequent, it continued. The strange thing is I’m able to keep my Ventrilo connection and any other program that is not WoW.  I even went as far to have the AT&T guy come out, fiddle with some wires and hook us up with a new router, but disconnects continue. /gnashes teeth

After I left the raid, I called my friendly IT guy for some help. While talking with him, I developed a new theory. These problems seem to have started at the same time I merged my Warcraft account with  Has anyone else had the DC issue after their account merge? If so please let me know – it may help support my thoery.

I decided to search’s site and found a troubleshooting guide for connection issues. I followed all their steps one by one with the help of my friend, but the only issue is I can’t tell if any of this worked since my DCs only occur in a raid envinorment. Convienient, isn’t it? Since <Armored Justice> finished all the content for the week hopefully I can find a pug Maly or OS to see if there is any change.

In the mean time, I look forward to many more 3D OS runs now and, of course, a brand new title to sport above my noggin.