This past week has been a very bad raid week mostly due to my lousy internet connection. I think I even set a guild record for the most disconnects in a single raid. Too bad there’s no achievement for that. I struggled my way through 3 wings of Naxx, switching half way through from my PC to my Mac to see if it would help any. No such luck.

Since I wasn’t able to raid the rest of the week with my guild I had 25-man OS and Maly open for pugging. I know what you’re thinking, but I knew the people who ran the pug and I thought I knew what I was going to get myself into.  Heh. >.>

Malygos was a nightmare. We attempted the fight 5 times and only once did we get into phase three. We had people who “claimed” they could tank and healers who only focused on one or two people. Our Raid Leader decides to scratch Maly and head to Sarth. This time we had a new tank, unfortunately he was on his own agenda and kept pulling before people ready and buffs were handed out.

Eventually the raid organizes itself and finds another new, and patient, tank. We run the circuit in OS downing all three drakes along the way. We pull Sarth, everything is smooth and we one shot him. Yay!! I go to loot and notice that the Fury of Five Flights has dropped and I’m so excited, since I never saw that trinket drop in all my raids, that I missed the roll on it. /facepalm