Our Immortal run was cut short after the third boss attempt. Everything was running smooth until Gluth. We had just charged down the tunnel toward him when the Main Tank and one of our Healers jumped out at the same time. Gluth decided to evade the Main Tank’s attack and chomp on the delicious tree that landed next to him. Instant death. So partial noobish-ness mixed with bad luck last night.

At that point the GM announced that he still wanted to treat this run as an Immortal Run and would be rewarding those who did not die the entire raid extra DKP. Nice little incentive.

We cleared through 3 wings and managed 1 achievement, Heroic:And They All Go Down Together, before we called it a night. We also tried for Spore Loser but quickly learned that the Pally’s Concecrate was a bad move. Other than that I managed to snag my T7 shoulders, finally, and we had double Protector drop TWICE last night. Must have been a blue moon in Azeroth.

Addition: I had forgot to mention that I was able to place 4th in DPS on our WWS reports.


Granted our top SV DPSers were not at the raid but I’d like to think that even if they were there I may had placed 6th overall.  I can tell that I’ve finally found the Marksman groove and I only hope to get better at it.