Games, that is, we have played so far on our 3v3 Tournie Team. With no Ventrilo to communicate, Go Murloc Go isn’t doing half bad after we finished 56/59 last night. Our team make up is a Feral Druid, who kicks some serious arse, and 2 Survival Hunters. I wanted to see how SV was for PvP, while the other Hunter went for a PvE spec with gear and all.

All I can say is playing SV for PvP is incredibly fun. Especially when TNT procs and stuns the target more than once. Ugh..come on dual spec!!

Pet wise they don’t give us a ton of options. I run with a Spider for it’s Web ability while the other Hunter has a Ravager for it’s 2 second stun. Both types seem to work well, I just wish I had the crab option. I hear that’s the PvP pet of choice due to it’s Pin attack, high HP, and Roar of Sacrifice.

It’s also amusing to see how many people are there just for the Murloc pet. Then again it’s easy to spot the Murloc questers with Arena Team names such as:

Gimmie my pet
Just here for the Murloc
Murloc made me do it
Destination Murloc
We getting a pet
Just want our Murlocs

My team will resume its Murloc grind on Monday Evening since one of us will be out of town this weekend. We’re hopeful that we’ll finish out the last 85 games by Tuesday, if not earlier. If anyone else is on the same conquest as we are, I wish you the best of luck and perhaps we’ll cross paths in the Arena.