If you haven’t read by now, our favorite Dwarf Hunter has the inside scoop on the new Spirit Beast who’s prowling around on the 3.1 PTR servers, Gondria.

Though his skin may not look much different from a tiger, if you look closely you can see this cat has purple-ly fur with black stripes. Also his Spectral Saber appearance makes him a very rare and beautiful creature to tame. However, I will not be after this new Spirit Beast since I’m a little more partial to Loque’s skin. The only way I would release Loque back into the wild if Blizzard introduces a Wolf-like Spirit Beast. Ooooo wouldn’t that be neat! A big black wolf (not a Worg please – unless it’s the new Wrath Worgs) with red glowy eyes.. YEAH!! For its Spirit Strike attack animation he could howl! How cool would that be? Hey Blizzard…are you listening?

A special thanks to all those awesome Hunters out on the PTR who discovered this creature and have updated us with pictures and movies.