Sorry for the lack of posts. I feel like we all are waiting around for patch 3.1 to come. No word on the date yet but I do have a prediction that 3.1 could be released sometime after the 2009 Arena Tournament (Please note this is only a guess/theory/prediction. 3.1 could come earlier and I would not complain). Since there are so many class tweaks, I think a lot of people would be frustrated if their Arena Ratings dipped because of nerfs and play style adjustments – especially when there are fabulous cash and prizes on the line.

Yes, I have entered into the Tournament not for the cash (though it would be nice), but for the prize having my own Armored Murloc. If anyone who has registered for the 2009 Arena Tournament on the US servers has yet to find a murloc grinding team to join, let me know via email: I am looking for a 3rd person to join my team.

Edit: We now have our 3rd player. Thank you everyone!  ^_^