In an earlier post I mentioned a Guild raid where a Hunter, we’ll call him Robin, was outbid in DKP by a Warrior for Envoy of Mortality. Needless to say the Hunter was furious and who could blame him. It would be no different if that same Hunter bid on an item that had Defense on it and claimed that it’s for when he has to melee. Anyway, since it was DKP and there really was nothing he could do but hope that Kel’Thuzad dropped the gun at a later raid.

Fast forward to our raid from this past Sunday. Armored Justice had cleared everything in Nax but the last two bosses in the Military Wing, Sapphiron and Kel’Thuzad. We burn through Gothic and the Four Horsemen and the GM posts the loot from the chest.  The crossbow, Final Voyage, is inside. I begin some pre-celebratory cheers in our Hunter chat, since the other hunter on the raid already had it. I get some pre-grats when the Hunter who’s Envoy was ganked, Robin,  sends me a “congrats” tell. I reply, “I haven’t bid on it yet, but let’s hope a Warrior doesn’t outbid me on it. lol.”

Bids go in, GM announces over Vent and Guild Chat, “Final Voyage is awarded to <A Warrior>. My jaw drops. I couldn’t beleive it!! All the sudden Robin says in Guild Chat, “WTH.. what’s with the Warriors taking all the Hunter loot?”

We move onto Sapph and I’m dragging my broken, little Hunter heart on the floor. During the fight I get a tell from Robin that he’s sorry to hear what happened and he hopes that Envoy drops for me on Kel. I thank him for his support and hope that Karma is on my side.

Everyone heads down the hallway toward Kel. A Giant Feast is prepared, buffs and healing assignments are given. All 25 of us charge in and one shot him. As I walk toward the defeated Lich for my badge, I happened to notice…

Thank you Karma.