There’s some new AoE Tanking Pets in town. Posted this morning on MMO-Champion there are some pet changes on the way.

First off, Gorillas Thunderstomp ability has been replaced with a brand new ability called Pummel. This interrupts a spellcaster and prevents them from casting any other spells in the same school for 4 seconds, but  this is not the end of our Gorilla friends.  They can still train for Thunderstomp as a talent, and so can any of the other Tenacity Pets.  Bearadins, Boaradins, Rhinodins…you get the picture.

I feel there is one pet who will benefit the most from this change. I’m talking about the Turtle. It’s special ability, Shell Shock, reduces damage taken by 50% for up to 12 seconds. This will compliment Thunderstomp very nicely and I think we will see more Turtles running around than ever before.

Guess this brings a new meaning to “T-U-R-T-L-E Power!”  Yes, I went there!!

Other pet changes include the Raptor’s Savage Rend ability –  it now temporarily boost the Raptor’s damage by 10% for 30 seconds. Since I never played with a Raptor I’m not exactly sure how this will work with the current mechanics of Savage Rend. Perhaps I may look further into this since it seems the Raptor keeps edging out Cats in DPS.

However, I do have a pet Wolf and their Furious Howl buff has been changed. It will last for 20 seconds now (up from 10) and will only affect the Hunter. While I like the longer timer, poor Kiba’s group utility is gone. Tell your Melee DPS to enjoy those Howls while they still last.