Today I decided to do a write up on Improved Hunter’s Mark. We had touched upon this in Nass’s Hunter Discussion on Friday and I wanted to share this with anyone who may be curious about the talent.  Plus (as it was brought to my attention) I was in the BC thinking that Hunter’s Mark still affected Melee AP which it does not.

So is Improved Hunter’s Mark is it worth taking? Let’s look at the tool tip for Hunter’s Mark first:

300 Attack Power for a little buff is a pretty good deal. So like Serpent Sting, Hunter’s Mark should be kept up on a mob at all times.

Now Improved Hunter’s Mark. According to it’s tooltip it will add an extra 10%/20%/30% Attack Power Bonus to Hunter’s Mark and reduce the mana cost by 33%/66%/100%.  Say you decide to take 3/3 in the talent, this will add another 90 AP to your Hunter’s Mark for a grand total of 390 AP.  And it doesn’t have to stop there.

According to those at Elitist Jerks, Glyph of Hunter’s Mark will stack with Improved Hunter’s mark which adds another 60 AP to your Hunter’s Mark for a 450 Attack Power Bonus. Keep in mind this bonus will also affect other Hunters in your group or raid.

So is it worth taking? It depends on your situation and gear. I picked up 3/3 in Improved Hunter’s Mark but at the cost of Efficiency and Rapid Recuperation, which I wouldn’t recommend if you’re doing Normal/Heroic Dungeons or 10man Raids. Reason being, my mana seemed to drain noticeably faster in those situations. In 25-man raids it wasn’t as bad but I still  found myself switching to Viper more than before.

The key thing is to experiment and find what you feel the most comfortable with. After all, 50 gold is that max cost to respec and you can make that by completing a few dailes.