Last night my guild completed our raid week with 25-Man Malygos and 25-Man OS. This was my second trip to Eye of Eternity, but a first with my guild. Though we had a few deaths we still managed to get him down. Maly decided to test me, especially at the end, with his Surge of Power Spell. I know he targeted me at least 6 times in that fight and I managed to live through every one of them.

Malygos dropped those super, nice hunter boots which I was out bid on, but I was glad to see them go to a hunter. He also dropped the Reins of the Azure Drake which 18 of 25 people bid on. Our main tank won the bidding war and has a beautiful mount added to his collection.

On top of that I earned the title “Champion of the Frozen North.” Yay!!

Next was OS and our GM had decided that we were going to attempt the 2 Drake Challenge. We attempted this last week and all that came out of it was gnashed teeth, some frustrated hair pulling, shaken fists of rage and some very large repair bills. This time everyone stayed focused on the task at hand and within a few tries we Sarth with 2 Drakes up.

Needless to say since these fights are so specialized I won’t be posting my recount meters. To help paint you a picture, the Survival Hunter in the raid ranked 8th overall (who typically is in the top 5) and I placed 10th.