Tuesday’s Raid went very well. Our goal as a guild was to try and clear Naxx in one night but we were unsuccessful. We were breaking in a new bear tank and ran into some snafus on the Four Horsemen. Nothing major just more of a learning experience. We eventually defeated the Four Horsemen and by then it was late. Defeating  3 of 4 wings with no lag is not a bad night.

After the raid I compared my Recount Report with last weeks. Granted we didn’t do the same bosses but all I wanted was an estimate in my damage.

Again I had ranked 6th over all, but my damage was much less. During this raid I observed that some fights required me to switch over to Viper due to mana issues.  I began to toy with the idea of  switching back to my spec from last week when something poped out at me in my talent tree. I had accidentally put 1 talent point into Unleashed Fury instead of Aspect Mastery. No wonder my damage didn’t look right.  +2 to huntard for me.

So I payed the money to fix my mistake and I’m going to test this spec out again. In the mean time, thoughts of going back to Beastmaster or experimenting with Survival have been swirling around in my head. Reason being that I’ve been running a little PvP and Arenas lately and my current spec is not very PvP friendly. Since we don’t have our dual specs I’m curious if there’s a good PvE/PvP one out there.