Yes yes, priorities priorities. I didn’t get this posted until now because my goal for the last 5 days was to hopefully recieve Peddlefoot from the Love Fool Holiday. Unfortunately for me it didn’t happen and it looks like I’ll have to try again next year. I did collect five, yes five, pic-a-nic baskets. Hey Boo-boo!

So Marksmen was my respec decision after the great BM Nerf of ’09.  The first step I had to do was to take everything I remembered from Marksman pre-Wrath and throw it out the window. I gave myself a learning curve of a week to get used to using my stings, new shots and rotations.

Once that was done I opted to switch out some gems and enchants for more attack power and I replaced some glyphs. The spec I chose to run with was a common 11/53/7 spec  in order to boost my DPS as much as possible. This is my DPS meter I ran from my last 25-man Naxx raid:

As you can see that’s a pretty significant jump in DPS from my last post as BM. Needless to say I was quite happy and I know the melee DPS enjoyed the 10% attack power from Trueshot Aura.

Hopefully I’ll have the chance to raid tomorrow since I decided to change a few Marks Talents around to squeeze a little more DPS. The number spec stayed the same since I believe there is DPS to be missed by taking 11 points out of BM or 7 from Survival. I decided to try out 3/3 in Improved Hunter’s Mark (benefits me and the raid) and 3/3 in Barrage for the 12% damage in Aimed Shot/Multi-Shot and Volley. I figured I could spare a point out of  Rapid Killing since I would rarely gain the Rapid Fire effect on bosses, but to shorten the cooldown by one second is still a plus. I aslo took 1 point from Wild Quiver since it’s a chance talent to start with. An extra shot is nice but I’d rather stick that point in a guarenteed DPS boost. The biggest gamble with this spec are the points I removed from Efficiency and Rapid Recuperation. With our 25-Mans I’ve hardly noticed any lack of mana on my end but I can’t tell if that’s simply due  to the other Hunter’s Survival Party/Mana Totems/other forms of Replenishment or the points I had in Efficiency/Rapid Recup. I suppose I’ll figure that out tomorrow.

With this spec I don’t plan on blowing the Survival Hunters out of the water but share the top of the DPS meters with them. I am aware that BM has became a viable raid spec again since it’s fix, but I need to figure what is more imporant to the other 24 members of the raid: More Crit or More AP? Will the other two raiding Hunters stay Survival or will one (or both) go back to BM? I don’t know about you but having a Hunter of each spec may be pretty cool.