I received an email in my inbox this morning from Blizzard…or rather someone trying to act like Blizzard. The scam artist contacted me through my blog email which is not the same email that is connected with my account.

This email claimed that there was suspicious activity going on with my Warcraft account and that I needed to click a link “verify my identity.” This caused that little red flag in my head to wave like mad.

When I logged into my account everything was fine. Plus I also have a Blizzard Authenicator which makes your account virtually hack proof.

I know a lot of us bloggers have our emails posted somewhere on our site for people to contact us. So it’s a smart and safe idea to create a separate email just for your blog. Also, if safety is still your main concern you can visit the Blizzard Store and purchase your own Blizzard Authenticator for the low price of $6.50.

Keep in mind  if you ever recieve any suspicious emails regarding your account, don’t panic and DON’T click on any links. If you have any concern you can always call Blizzard at 1-800-59-Blizzard and talk to someone in Customer Service.