I was pulled into the guild’s 25 man Naxx raid this past Thursday. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get any accurate damage meters since I joined half way through the raid but it wasn’t a huge deal since I’m still working on the feel and shot rotation of being Marksman again.

I was able to see the the one wing I always missed out on, the Frostwyrm Lair. It was very cool, the fights are a lot of fun and I was able to snag a new pair of boots from Sapphiron.

Facing Kel’Thuzad for the first time was just as exciting. Since I never had the opportunity to step foot into Naxx Pre-BC so needless to say the fight was very new as well as few others. Once the strategy was explained, the main thing I had to focus on was to stay at least 10 yards away from other players during phase 2.

We got Kel’Thuzad down after the third try and unfortunately no hunter loots. Apparently last time he dropped the Envoy of Mortality. Our guild uses a DKP system now and during that raid only one hunter was present. Everyone was giving him the ‘pre’ congrats on winning the weapon but for some reason a warrior in the guild decided to bid on the weapon too and ended up winning it. Now I know that “all loot is Hunter Loot”  (yes I’m pulling your chain) but when was it amended for Warriors too ? Sad, sad story I know. 😦

After Naxx we headed over to Obsidian Sanctum for a quick whipping of Sartharion’s Dragon behind.  We didn’t attempt anything fancy, it was your typical “in-kill-loot-and out.” Sartharion did drop the token for the T7 Hunter gloves, but I was outbid. Not a big deal though. They gloves dropped again for me  in a 25-man Vault but I always manage crappy rolls in Pugs. Hopefully next week I’ll have better luck.