Hey folks!! As promised an update with my new, rearranged BM spec 53/18/0. Pre-raid I had the chance to run the 7 Heroics needed in the Lunar Festival Achievement, Elders of the Dungeons, with some guildies and Pandas.

Our group make up was a Pally Tank, Healing Priest, Boomkin Pandabear, a Melting-Faches Destro Warlock, and me.. you’re Friendly Neighborhood BM Hunter. Out of those 7 instances I only remembered to snag 6 screen captures of the damage meters. Sorry. However, I averaged my DPS output from the 6 and came up with 1726 dps. That kind of made my face squish up as if I smelled something horrible. Not ready to respec, I gave BM a final run in 25-man Naxx. Numbers don’t lie:

Yes, that’s me holding steady at number 12, not even breaking 10,000,000 damage, and my damage meters were generous. Another guildie told me he had me at 13th overall. Sad Panda..er Wulf.

Now my guild isn’t a Hardcore raiding guild by any means so I would assume that I wouldn’t be forced to dump my BM spec and go Survival or  Marks. This is my choice for now and until Beastmaster is fixed I will be playing around with the spec I cut my little Hunter teeth on, Marksman.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. Ghostcrawler has stated that perhaps they nerfed Beastmaster a little too hard. Hrmm.. ya think?

/facepalm Blizzard

Hopefully in 3.1 (whenever that is) there will be a little Beastmaster Love and we’ll see a nice balanced ratio of BM/MM/SV Hunters.

On a lighter note, I saved 15% on my auto insurance by switching to..okay.. I’ll stop. But I did manage to get my T7 25-man Chestpiece and a very nice upgrade to my badge necklace. Silverlining there you are!