…but feels sooooooooo right.

As you can see, I picked up my first dru..uh…hunter staff today in H. Violet Hold. I would have been a fool to let something with stats like this be DE-ed.

While it will help boost my DPS I still don’t think “more stats” is the solution to the damage I am missing. I ran a Heroic Hall of Lighting and I did farely well though there wasn’t much there to compete with. Only a warlock (which I know for a fact that he roll-mashes his face on the keyboard) did slightly better DPS than me. I’ll be running some more Damage Meter stats over the next few days, and of course the next big BM 25man Naxx test will be on Tuesday.

I will say it isn’t me noticing this drop in DPS. Another good hunter friend of mine was told me he was doing about 2k less in DPS in 25 man Naxx and his fellow guildies saw this too. Eek.. Blizzard what did you do?