Despite the massive server resets due to Wintergrasp wins, Last night was our first 25 man Naxx raid with the new patch. I had spoke earlier with another BM hunter about our specs. He was thinking about going Survival while I was going to at least run with BM to see how it fared.

Our raid starts and the first thing I notice is I need to come up with a new shot rotation right then and there. I should have been more prepared but I was quick to figure out a rotation which started with Aimed Shot > Arcane Shot > Serpent Sting > Steady until Arcane Shot was ready.

This rotation allowed me to get about 3 Steady Shots before 1 Arcane Shot could be fired again. The change Blizz did to the Serpent Sting Glyph was very nice since I didn’t need to focus all my time on keeping it up.

The lag wasn’t as bad in Naxx as it normally was but it did play a factor in working out my shots. However after clearing 2 wings and almost finishing a third my damage meter didn’t lie. I was 14th in DPS!! Ouch. My fellow hunter who switched to Survival out damaged me for the first time.

I told him I wasn’t ready to give up on BM yet and there were some talents I wanted to try and others I wanted to move around. He suggested I compare my stats on the guild’s WoW Web Stats ad go from there. Those numbers even embarrassed me more.

There are some different factors between my last two raids, such as pets, consumables and bosses, but to be 2nd in DPS before the patch and fall to 14th is a drastic change in my book. I’ll probably have to wait a week to see how this new BM spec turns out but I’ll be sure to update my progress.