I can’t tell you how glad I am that Blizzard allows the non-combat pets to be learned. Now I can collect as many mini-pets as I want and not worry about bag/vault space. Now if only Blizzard would give us MORE stable slots. Five just isn’t enough. ^_~

Like many other non-combat fans, I’ve been collecting pets like mad. I was so excited when I reached my 50 pet mark and now with the upcoming patch they have a reward for collecting 100 non-combat pets! Since I was able to collect a lot of the ‘easier’ pets  now I have no choice but to go after the pets that require one to have much patience, plenty of time and willingness to farm.

I’ve been working on my Kalu’ak Rep for Pengu, and I have a Mysterious Egg sitting in my bags from the Oracles that hatches in less than a day. Since those  two pets have day/time restrictions on them I decided to farm for  the Giant Sewer Rat which is fished up from the Underbelly of Dalaran. The nice thing about this pet is that it allows me to skill up my fishing too. After a few days I was able to raise my fishing from 380 to 450, but alas no pet rat to show for it. It’s a good thing I enjoy fishing – yes perhaps I’m a little sadistic like that.

Since I’m stuck in Dalaran I also figured that I might as well try for another pet, The Kirin Tor Pet you get from the Achievement “Higher Learning.” Again, more luck and patience is required with this but at least you can get some help from others aiming for the same achievement. There is a great post at warcraftpets.com which gives tips and locations for the books you need to read.

If you wish to see the mini-pets I have collected so far visit this link.