Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy in both real life and WoW. But I do have a list of things I’m already composing or will write about later on. Anyone know where I can find a working Warcraft Modelviewer?

Since my return from Christmas I’ve been busting my little hunter butt to prepare myself for 25-man Nax. That means I’ve been running heroics for fabulous cash and prizes..oh and badges. All that work paid off since I was able to snag both pieces of my T7 gear. A nice 5% pet attack bonus is nothing to sneeze at, especially for the BM hunter.

On Jan. 6th my guild dove into the land of 25 man raids. We were able to clear the Spider Wing and Military Wing in one night and what a good night to be a hunter. The hunter loot fell like candy from a pinata. The first piece of loot which dropped was a pair of  bracers. I passed on them since it wasn’t a huge upgrade from what I was already wearing. Thankfully the other hunter in the raid was able to use them (I hate to see nice loot DEed). However after our first boss encounter, his connection went from bad to worse and he had to bow out. I felt spoiled since there was no more hunter competition as I picked up a new belt, an awesome ring, and a very snazzy pair of shoulders.

The next day we started with the Construct Wing. Other than accidental Slime Frogger deaths, and horrible Nax lag, things ran smooth. Until Thaddius.

Thaddius is the Warcraft version of Dr. Frankenstein’s Monster with a bit of science added. You start off the fight by splitting the raid up into 2 groups. The goal is to try to kill the first two monsters, Fugen and Stalag simultaneously ala Romuo and Julianne from Karazhan. Once they are down the raid must make a leap from the ledges to the platform where Thaddius awaits.

The fight is quite fun and educational. You didn’t realize that Blizzard is teaching you science, eh? The Thaddius fight works like this. Thaddius’s left side holds a negative charge while his right has the positive charge. During the fight Thaddius will change YOUR polarity to either negative or a positive. For example, you’re fighting on his right (positive side) and you are hit with the debuff of a negative charge.

If you stay on the positive side, similar to how lighting works, negatives and positives (which would be anyone who still has the positive charge) don’t mix. This creates electricity and can wipe out anyone with your opposite polarity. To prevent this, simply run to the opposite side where your charge and his charge are the same. Simple, right?

Whether it was a misunderstanding or simply not paying attention, we wiped a few times on this concept of the fight. As a hunter, we tend to stand at max range when fighting mobs and bosses but for this fight it’s much easier to stand and minimum range. That way when you need to change sides you can simply run under Thaddius’s legs. If you try to run around him in an arc formation you will lose valuable DPS time plus there’s a greater chance you may shock your fellow raiders.

Once you understand the +/- concept to the fight the rest is pretty easy.. DPS, DPS, DPS, DPS like it’s going out of style. Thaddius will enrage after 6 minutes and trust me you really don’t want that. I’ll admit at first I was a little confused with this fight, but no I didn’t shock any of my fellow raiders. Once I understood the mechantics it became quite easy. Hopefully this little guide will help you gain a better understanding too. Happy Hunting.