This evening, I thought that I’d log on for a few quest runs and log off. Little did I know that I’d be asked to join in a 10-man Naxxramas raid.  The instance itself is pretty cool. I never had the chance to see Naxx before the BC expansion. Our 10-man had DPS to take Patchwork down but I had to leave after the 3rd attempt on Grobbulus. Real-life called. The fight for Grobb wasn’t bad after we had the timing down, we just needed a little more DPS (which comes with gear).

I have been running Heroics like mad to be ready for our Jan 6th date to raid. So far I’ve managed to reach of DPS of 600+ (according to my paper doll stats) and my hit rating is 7%. A few more upgrades like bracers and boots and I should be ready for the Guild’s Jan 6th raiding date.