Since I hit 77, something inside of me decided I should try and have a go at taming the Spirit Beast, Lokque’nahak. Not since the Epic Hunter quest for Rhok,delar we haven’t had much of a challenge for our class (well maybe in PvP but that’s another matter). The Rhok quest, for those unfamiliar, wasn’t your typical go here, bring me this, rinse and repeat type quest. You had to earn your stripes by collecting 2 drops, an Mature Black Dragon Sinue from Onyxia and the Petrified Leaf from Majordomo in Molten Core. Oh, did I mention that the items don’t have a 100% drop rate? Yes, that was part of a pain.

If you were lucky enough to collect both, and it wasn’t impossible, then began your quest. You were sent to 4 corners of Azeroth where you had to find 4 different NPCs. Once approached the NPCs would turn into Elite Demons which you had to defeat – ALONE. No pet, no help, nothing but you and your weapons.  As games sometimes work, there were some loop holes but for the most part if anyone else were to come into range or even touch the Demon that wasn’t the hunter, it was instant death.

These demons not only where a challenge but helped you understand what it is to be a hunter.  For myself, I learned how to Wingclip/Strafe, Jumpshot, and Multi-task with shots like Volley and trapping. I can’t tell you how many videos I watched or attempts I had on the Winterspring Demon, but when I perfected my Jumpshot and I kited him to his death – that was a feeling of victory.

Now Blizzard gave us Loque’nahak. A one of a kind, extremely unique skinned animal that not only is sought out by 51 Beastmaster hunters but by EVERYONE. From the research and stories I’ve heard from other hunters, Loque’ can spawn in at least 5 (I’ve seen maps up to 11) different spots in Sholazar Basin every 6-8-10 hours (no one has yet to confirm the time). Once he spawns he will only last for 10 minutes until tamed or killed. Since he is a rare mob this makes him part of the Northern Exposure Achievement and if killed will drop 20gold and a BoE blue item. Oh and his HP is insanely low.

This is no longer a challenge, but rather has turned into a cut-throat competition. I see hunters fighting with other hunters, people spamming bids and bribes to for Loque sightings, and people purposely lying to hunters about killing the beast and when they did it. It’s sad really.

Like any hunter, I love my pixel pets. In the past, I have tamed Rares that spawn in 3 different spots and I’ve spent my time in caves and flatlands waiting for that rare beast to befriend. But it feels that no matter how many circuits I fly in Sholazar or what time of the day I check – I have a better chance of winning a lottery than finding Loque.

I’m not saying that taming him is impossible, BRK is proof of that, but I think Lady Luck really needs to be on your side. I do want to congratulate those hunters who have been lucky enough to tame Loque. 🙂 We hunters who have yet to tame him appreciate all the information you have shared.

So the flip side of this, while I logged in one morning at 4:30am to do my Sholazar runs there was a Call To Arms over one of the chat channels for a Horde 4 City raid. I decided to join and well…

…I haz a Black War Bear Mount :3

note: the artwork above was created by Saehral on DeviantART. Please visit their website to view more art by this incredibly talented artist.