That’s correct! Happy Anniversary Warcraft!!

How many of you remember the day you headed out to the store to pick up your copy of Warcraft? I sure do!! It was a cool and gloomy day. I was in Art School at time time and I reserved a copy of WoW at Media Play. My really good friend, who doesn’t game, went with me to pick it up on our 1 hour break between classes. I was so excited that I had to open it right in schoo but the only thing I could do was read that manual.

I remember a classmate who looked at me in shock as he said to me, “Whoa…you play video games?” Which I replied, “Sure do.” Then another classmate chimed in and said, “But you’re older than us..and you act and do immature things like we do.” I didn’t have to say a word the expression on my face said it all. She stumbled over her words and apologized for the way it came out, but I knew she ment well. No hard feelings. 🙂

To celebrate of Warcraft’s 4th Anniversary, Blizzard decided to give everyone who logs into WOW starting November 23rd a small, cuddly present.  Say “hello” to the newest non-combat pet, Baby Blizzard Bear!!

You will also recieve an in-game Feat of Strenght Achievement for picking up this little guy. So log on, even if it’s for a few minuets. No one knows how long this will last. Get a little bear for your toons!!

Oh.. and by the way, Blizzard Bear puts me at 50 pets!! /dance