Zombies again? Where? Sorry, no more zombie invasion but I feel that way after last night. I’m so tired, and I didn’t even play long when I got home from Gamestop.

But my midnight adventure turned out to be pretty entertaining. I arrived about 11pm and there was about 13 people ahead of me. Things were kind of quiet where I was standing until I broke the silence with a girl I was standing next to. We chatted WoW and she admitted on having 7 level 70s. Myself and another guy looked at her in awe and she said, “I just like leveling.” lol

Before the store opened one of the workers came out and announced that their Credit Card Machines were down and they were only taking cash. I asked if they took checks but no. I had to hop out of line and head to the grocery store, with others, to use the ATM. Fortunately, the line was moving pretty quickly. I was home by 12:45 with my Collector’s Edition and Strategy Guide. ^_^

Now I wasn’t at a Gamestop where I could meet BRK or the Casually Hard Core Crew – though that would have been so sweet!

Instead, I had to hang out with MLB’s 2007 Rookie of the Month (May), Hunter Pence who plays for the Houston Astros. 😀 Let me tell ya, he is a very cool guy. He showed up wearing his Warcraft T-shirt and he was handing out cupcakes, which he later renamed “Pwn-cakes,” to people in line.

The funny thing was, I didn’t know who he was at first until I saw people taking their pictures with him and asking for autographs. I grew up in Michigan, loving Michigan sports – especially Hockey. I asked a person behind me who this guy was and when I learned who he was all I could say was, “Cool.”

And no, I didn’t get my picture with him or an autograph simply for the fact I didn’t know who he was.  I’m not the type of person to go Star-Struck on a person if I didn’t know who they were at first. But it does make for a cool story.

I told my husband this morning and at first he didn’t believe me, especially when I mentioned Pence was wearing a Warcraft T-shirt. I told him, “hun I can’t make this up.”

How was everyone’s night? Did you have fun? If you picked up the game already what do you think? I know I’m very impressed so far and I know there’s more to come.