As of last night, I’m still fishing for Old Crafty. I’m beginning to think that the fish is a myth, but people claim he exists. I have reached my 1000 fish caught mark and that number is still climbing. The Horde continue to gank any Alliance Fishers but I’ve found some clever methods to avoid them.

First off, I took the title off my name to shrink my tag to be as small as possible. I’ve also found a little nook that I squeeze into. This is to hide what I can of that blaring yellow tag. Next, an oldie but goody, Nogginfogger Elixir. Whether I’m a skeleton or Mini-Wulf it still shrinks my stature.

Being a Hunter, I have the advantage of Aspect of the Beast and Track Humanoids. Now I can track and not be tracked. I have also adapted to watching my mini-map more so I can Shadowmeld in time if happen to notice any Horde heading in my direction.

If all else fails, I do have my back up disguise thanks to Hallow’s End. I doubt that even my own mother would recognize me šŸ˜‰

Okay, honestly, it doesn’t work. If anything it may provide humor to the situation and hopefully my would-be attacker may have second thoughts and leave me alone.

However, Horde are Horde and they don’t like Alliance fishing in their waters. This was the case of one repeat defender yesterday. He stopped by my fishing spot 7 times and wanted nothing more than to chop me into little pieces. Unfortunately for him, I had the upper hand with my PvP gear, trinkets and cool-downs. Plus, Houston happens to love the taste of fresh Orc flesh.

One would think that after the first 3 defeats the learning curve would set in, but no. He needed his booty handed to him 7 times. /smirk

Yet still, he persisted. I tried to make peace through emotes but I could tell he still wanted my head on a platter. So in order to avoid confrontation I would simply log and return at another time.

Who knows what headache awaits me today, but hopefully I’ll be able to out craft Old Crafty.