Achievements: some people hate them, some people love them. Personally, I find them entertaining. I may never complete them all, but for me it’s fun to pick a few and try to..well.. achieve them.

One of my personal triumphs in-game is my fishing skill. Before BC hit, I had “0” skill in cooking and fishing. When I read that Blizz had planed to introduce pet food with Burning Crusades I thought to myself, “I have to take care of my pets and their needs.”  (or was it my own wants?)

I spent the following weekend working on my fishing and cooking professions, and to my surprise I really enjoyed them. It didn’t take me long to max out my skills before BC came out and I always said that when I hit 70, I was excited to work on my fishing and cooking skills.

Flash forward to now.. FISHING ACHIEVEMENTS!!! Yay!!

When I finally took a look at the profession achievements  to see what I could do and won’t do,  I notice the achievement for Fishing up Old Crafty in Orgrimmar. Hmm.. I like this challenge and I bet I can do it without too much trouble.

Boy was I in for a treat.

First off, the guards in Org completely ignore Shadowmeld AND Feign Death. Learn to adapt, I’m a hunter. Okay, strip down and run/fly do whatever I can to go as far as I can, die and corpse run back – and repeat.

Second, I get to my location only to discover that the Horde knows about this Alliance fishing spot and they  CONSTANTLY camp it. /sigh  FINE, but I’m fishing -minding my own business. I won’t eat your young, I won’t pillage your homes – just let me fish in peace.

NO! The Horde won’t have it. I figured that perhaps I’ll have better luck another day.

In a typical fisher-woman manner, I decide to log in Orgrimmar early the next morning. Think that would help? NO! A certain Bloodelf Pally decides to flex his ‘epeen’ and kill all the peaceful, Alliance fishers. AND if that wasn’t enough to push my buttons 3 Rogues decide they want part of the action too.

Now I’m angry.

I corpse run back, grab my body and hearth back to Shat City. Take the portal to Ironforge, check my map, “hmmm.. if I was Horde where would I fish? Ahh yes.. Forlorn Caverns.”  I head over there to set up camp and wait. Three Horde zoned in to fish in that spot and I refused to let any of them even cast a line out. A member from the Alliance yelled for me to let them fish in peace. I simply told him – Any other day, fine, but today I could careless!

Oh.. and I was able to catch Old Ironjaw while waiting for my… >,>