Yesterday I spent some time working on my Achievements…as if WoW isn’t addictive on it’s own. Since Halloween is my favorite Holiday it would make sense that Hallow’s End is Wulf’s. I’ve decided to fly around from Inn to Inn Trick or Treating, as I try to collect wands and masks.

Another fan favorite of Hallow’s End is the Headless Horseman encounter. If you remember, this was Blizzard’s first real summon-able, seasonable boss. The treats he dropped haven’t changed too much for this year, except for the addition of the Headless Horseman’s Sword and his mount. While I dream for the mount, I also spent some time daydreaming over the little non-combat pet he drops. Now that I don’t have to worry about bag space I can focus on collecting pets. What more could a hunter want?  Well.. I could make a list but we’ll just leave that there.

Eventually I found a Headless Horseman group who needed DPS and I fit the bill. On my way to Scarlet Monistary I made a stop over in Ironforge for some Tricks or Treats. And what a treat indeed! This little guy was in my Treat Bag. Isn’t he cute? In a weird, creepy, mutant-pumpkin kind of way? A face only a mother could love, right?  Well I’m happy to add him to my pet collection. He’s number 6.

I’m hopeful that I can finish the rest of my Hallow’s End Achievements before it ends November 2nd, though I think the most difficult one to complete is collecting all the flimsy masks. I have yet to receive one.