Black Temple. That’s right. I said Black Temple and that’s where I was Tuesday Night! My first raid with my new guild and we took down 5/9. It was so much fun and the instance is incredible, I wish everyone has the chance at some point to explore inside.

As for myself, I think I did alright. The Hunter TL kept quizzing me with each boss and hopefully I impressed him with my studying. Though, I did die during 2 boss encounters: Supremus and Shade of Akuma. Whoopsie, but It’s all good.

I took many screenies of my first venture in. I felt like a tourist more than a raider.

Loot wise, I ended up with a brand new crossbow, Legionkiller. I never imagined myself with anything out of Black Temple! The Hunter TL felt it was better than my Merciless Crossbow and told me that I should use Legionkiller until I got the badges for my Choco-bow.

The rest of the raid went very well though we had some small issues on Gurtogg Bloodboil. Once we worked those out, it was off to the Reliquary of Souls. Due to time and bad luck, the raid was called after three attempts.

The raid was continued on the following day, but I was on the back up list for that. Mostly since I didn’t have the required Shadow Resist Gear for the Mother Shahraz fight. I spent the day trying to collect the mats needed to craft some Mail Gear but was unable to collect all the Hearts of Darkness needed.

I spoke with the GM about my lack of Shadow Resist and he was pretty understanding with my situation. He even said he may be able to help me out with a few Hearts. Very Cool!

All that’s left to do is to  find a leatherworker who can craft the epic Shadow Resist Mail and then I’ll be good to go. I’ve been working on my heroics for badges and I’m 24 away. Hopefully I can get the rest before the raid on Sunday.  ^_^