I had mentioned in a previous blog that I found a new guild to raid with. A few days ago, I received the guild invite and signed up for my first 25 man raid with them. My big debut is this Tuesday and even the GM told me that our Hunter Team Leader is excited to see how I preform in a raid environment. Talk about pressure. However, I feel confident that “I am prepared.” Har-har-har.

The steps I’ve taken in my pre-raid preperation are quite simple. Since I have no experience in BT, I made sure I read up on strats and download videos on the bosses we will attempt. For those new to raiding or even the game, WowWiki is a great source for videos, strats and walk-throughs for any encounter in Warcraft.

Now I could go on and talk about what I bring for raids via consumables, ammo and food but over at DPS: We Deliever they wrote and excellent post on what Hunters should bring to each raid. Of course there are some things that I always carry in my bags such as pet food, water, food for myself, bandages, potions and extra ammo but their post talks about some flasks/elixirs and special foods which Hunters should consider. One can’t ever be too prepared.

Plus since I have engineering as a profession, not only I can make Healing and Mana Potion Injectors, but I can also bring my Goblin Jumper Cables XL and Field Repair Bot 110G if our raid happens to take a turn for the worst.