Yeah… uh…that’s number 3 for me, my Rogue, Wulverines. She’s been patiently waiting at 57 since I decided to put the time and effort into Foxx. I swore that I’d never have an alt or at least more than one. -_- /sigh

Yes, I do agree it’s a bit redundant to have a Rogue and Feral Druid. Call it OCD or whatever, but I can’t log on and see a toon so close to 70 just sitting there. So today Wulverines hit level 60 and headed off to Outlands, but not before a quick BG in Warsong Gulch. Let’s just say, she didn’t do too bad but she was far from great. The most important part of the BG was that we won and she was able to complete the daily.

Anywho, I guess I have something to do in the down time while I wait for a Beta Key or for Lich to come out.