The other day I decided to pug Zul’Aman and I was so happy that I did. I can finally check another item off my “to do” list because we fully cleared the instance. Woo Hoo!! Our group even managed to do 2 Timed Events, and as a reward I picked up Tuskbreaker. What a fun gun, I love the look of it but my Season 2 Crossbow is still a bit better. I also managed to complete another quest in Zul’Aman which put me at 18 Badges. Only 60 more to go for my “Choco-bow.”

Our group was pretty flawless other than the Healing Pally, who didn’t heal so well but managed to snag 3 pieces of armor and bolted. The raid leader wasn’t very with the Pally’s actions but didn’t linger on it. The Pally was swiftly replaced with a T6 Resto Shammy who probably could have solo-healed the entire raid. He was awesome!!

One of our funniest raid moments came during the Zul’jin fight. For those unfamiliar with it, Zul’jin has 5 phases during the fight. He starts off as his Troll form, then switches to Bear, then Hawk, Lynx and finally Dragonhawk. Each has their own strats but for the most part they are tank-n-spank. The phase where we hunters must shine is during the Hawk phase where only melee dps can damage the Hawk. If you are a caster you will take heavy damage casting any spell on him. As a Hunter you can use any shot in your arsenal but you will take damage for healing your pet, using rapid fire, feign death or switching aspects. The story behind out fight was that our DPS Warrior was locked out when we started the encounter by the wall of fire. I had to “solo” the Hawk while the Warrior watched. Luckily, our group saw the humor of the situation and we all had a good laugh.

Though much to the surprise of the group and myself, I did it! It may have taken a longer than expected, especially when I ran out of mana, but I was able to get him down to the next phase. Unfortunately, we wiped shortly after on the Dragonhawk boss because our Tank took a wrong step and walked into a pillar of fire. Whoops! Luckily 3 times is the charm and we had Zul’jin down.

Overall I was pleased with the DPS I put out for the raid. According to our meters I was 3rd/4th in DPS. I know I have some little kinks to iron out but I was very happy to have the chance to raid before my raiding debut in the next few weeks. Oh, you didn’t hear? It looks like I found a slot in a raiding guild. 🙂 More on that in another post!