…I took a drink.

If you’re like me and you PvP a lot, you may find that eventually you suffer from burnout. Whether it’s armor collecting, battleground badge farming or Honor grinding once your accomplish your PvP goal, you soon are bored.

With the help of my guild, I have found some ways to keep PvP interesting and fun. Welcome to part 1 of “How to Spice Up Your PvP.” The first way I will explore is an oldie but goody, Nogginfogger Elixir.

For those of you unfamiliar with Nogginfogger, it begins as a quest in Tanaris, Gadgetzan. Once completed you can purchase as many elixirs as you want from the Goblin Merchant, Marin Noggenfogger. When consumed, this magical elixir will give you 1 of 3 random effects.

The first effect is you will stop breathing for 10 minutes. You will also be transformed in to a skeleton who has the same emotes and dance as the Undead. Casting spells, melee and any other action work the same, however you cannot mount while in this form. The skeleton form is also excellent for farming anything underwater since you require no air.

The second effect is slowfall. The effect lasts for 15 seconds and is pretty much good for base-jumping if you’re into that.

The third effect is a shrink effect which shrinks you down to the size of a Gnome for 10 minutes and is my favorite by far. What makes this so effective for PvP is you become difficult to see and target. This makes many more hiding spots you can take advantage of. The small stature even makes carrying flags in Warsong Gulch and Eye of the Storm more exciting since the flag shrink with you too. Unlike the undead effect of Nogginfogger you are allowed to mount up, which allows your mount to take on a smaller size too.

And good news for you Druids out there. At one point Ferals and Boomkins could not use Nogginfogger for the effects of shape-shifting canceled the buffs from it. However, this has recently been changed and you too can run around as small Kitties, Bears and Boomkins – though I have yet to see a mini-Tree.

Now there is another type of edible that will transform you into either a pirate or ninja called the Savory Deviate Delight. This works really well for the Horde since it transforms them into a human and can throw off alliance players at first. Personally, I wish Blizzard would allow the Savory Delight to transform you into an Orc ninja or Tauren/Troll pirate just to be fair to the alliance side.