Maybe I’m just a glutton for self-punishment but I ran 2 Magtheridon Pugs this week in the hope of finally downing the beast and to finish my Naru quest.

My first attempt was Saturday evening and we had the make up of a good group for a pug. The raid leader refused to start anything until everyone was on vent, we had some highly recommended tanks and healers and the raid leader knew the fight very well and explained the objective throughly to everyone. Everything seemed good except for one thing. Cube clicking.

The cube clickers (who claimed they knew what they were doing) didn’t seem to have their clicks down. It wasn’t until someone really explained how and when to click the cubes that our raid got a little better. However, due to lag and weird raid circumstances after 4 attempts people began to leave in mass numbers and the fight was called. I had nothing but a nice fat 50g repair bill.

I haven’t been running many dailies since I reached my money goal for the expansion. Plus I’m maxed back out at 75k in Honor with nothing to buy until my personal rating gets higher. So last night I hopped on to look for a few people. I chat with my buddy Pandas and a few other when I decided that I would call it an early night, but then I saw in the LFG channel “LFM Mag’s Lair – need DPS/Tanks.” That’s when I decided to press my luck and I was risking it all. I refused to bring any potions and I only had 2 hits left of my Health Pot Injector, but I did have my bandages.

I join the group but only see about 12 people and I figure if this group doesn’t fill out in 15 min, I’m leaving. Much to my surprise we filled up quickly so I head over to Mag’s Lair to help summon people. Our pug soon learns that the raid leader doesn’t have a vent channel for us to join and we start scrambling to find something we can use.

With much chaos and confusion, eventually we get one. The ironic part about this ventrillo is nobody is talking. A few people want to know why it’s so quiet, but one one has an answer. Very strange. What’s even stranger is the raid leader continued to communicate to healers, tanks and clickers through tells so not many people knew what was going on.

On our way to Mag half the group wipes on the third pull of trash mobs. Was this a sign as to how the rest of the fight would go?

Our first attempt at Mag, we get a cliff note version of the fight and soon I get a tell, “if I die, I need you to click the skull.” Alrighty, well now that I’ve learned my lesson on cube clicking I’m confident that I can handle it but secretly I have my fingers crossed that I won’t be clicking. The fight starts and we get all the adds down, Mag’s loose but the healers didn’t keep the main tank up. Wipe

Before our 2nd try, we had two accidental pulls which wiped out most of the group both times. I’m glad that I survived one of them.

Thrid try and we get that monster down to almost 55% before we lose a healer and the heals are thrown out of whack.

Fourth time, we snag two more healers and we pull. Fights going well, I’m keeping my eye on Mag since I have to Misdirect him to the Main Tank. The fight is going very well and we lose a cube clicker right about at 50%. Since I happened to be standing next to that cube I picked it up. Funny thing, I was trying to communicate to the raid that I had that cube but my mic was on MUTE. Bad Wulf – bad!! Fortunately, the raid saw that I was jumping next to the cube and the knew I was planning to pick it up. But, the original clicker was battle rezzed and he snagged it for one more click before dying again. Looks like I’m up to bat again.

Our clicking is going well, We get Mag to about 30% and we are waiting for the cave in. At that point, I remember a quest that I ran last week where I received a special potion. It’s from a lowbie class down in Ashenvale that pretty much gives you an immunity bubble for 10 seconds. During the cave in, I pop the potion and nothing touched me, but our healers did a damn good job of keeping everyone topped off during it.

We’re ordered back on Mag and the DPS is flowing. I can hardly believe that we are this far and at this point my eyes are fixed on Mag’s health bar. Down, down, down it goes we are at 3% and the raid leader yells for everyone to pop their trinkets, etc. to get him down. He’s at 2% now at 1%… Magtheridon is dead!! WOO HOO!!

Mag dropped a nice chain belt but the one I currently had was much better. He also dropped a T4 token which would have got me my chest piece, but I could get a better one through badges if I wanted plus my S3 chest seems to do me just fine right now. I was just happy to have killed him.

I was even more excited when I saw that I finally completed my Naru quest. That was one of my personal objectives I wanted to do before Lich King is released and now I can check it off my list. I’m also proud to say I’m sporting a new Title, “Champion of the Naru.” Doesn’t Houston look excited for me?

Yea I know, he could careless. I think he wants his own title.